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Atech Logistic

Atech Logistics, Inc. is a leading third party logistics company handling entire logistics functions for organizations to firms. As part of the job, it performs a variety of distribution and logistics functions including trucking, warehousing, billing, inventory management, and fleet maintenance.

All the efforts get a boost by only one thing - we have valued customers on our side who have always helped us better ourselves. The impacts of dramatic changes in global economy were realized since our inception that is why we believe in adopting a flexible approach and innovative distribution system. Our highly innovative distribution system comprises of some latest techniques, computerized models including Transit model, SDS Model etc. and innovative routing techniques like load planning, fixed and variable routing systems.

Our wide and extensive reach covers almost all major areas across US like Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, California, Nevada, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Fresno, Eureka, Fontana, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, etc. and we aim to extend our reach to those developing areas where we are not accessible right now. As far as our association is concerned with other firms then we are proud to mention the names of some of the top guns in the distribution and logistics industry such as California Trucking Association, CDTA, Washington Trucking Association, BBB (coming soon), and ADTS.

An achievement by Atech Logistics, Inc. which is worth mentioning here is the Golden Gate Partnership Recognition by Cal/Osha consultation service for its effort in maintaining an effective injury and illness prevention. We humbly and proudly state that an obligation of social responsibility is very well taken care by us by implementing important occupational and safety programs at our work place.In case you are looking for optimal logistics and distribution services and want to discuss your needs regarding the same then Atech can very well translate your logistics needs into a viable custom-made solution as well. You will be amazed once you experience our services.

Compare us in terms of cost, quality, reliability, transit time, efficiency and damage minimization and safety and you will find that we really are the best.Please read what our valued customer Ms. Amanda has to say about her experience with Atech.“Before taking the services of Atech Logistics Inc., I was bit apprehensive but after meeting with extremely professional managers I felt at ease. They not only did help me in reducing my cost but the kind of complete package they came up with was fantastic.

Their safety policies are outstanding. The way they did route scheduling was par excellence. It is glad to note that decision of relying on Atech Logistics, Inc proved to be right one.”

Resources:- http://www.atechdist.com
Dedicated to delivering custom logistics and transportation solutions.(707) 526-1910

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